Los Angeles Beaches

If you are planning summer travel to the Los Angeles area, there are almost too many great options for fun. They include Hollywood, Universal Studios and Six Flags Magic Mountain, shopping, dining, museums, the Zoo, Griffith Park and the many ethnic neighborhoods to be explored. But don’t forget that some of the best beaches in Southern California can be found in Los Angeles County. Here, then, is a brief introduction to the numerous beach communities awaiting you.

Avalon Bay is a popular manmade beach located in of course, Avalon California. Avalon is located on a small island called Catalina Island just south of Los Angeles. To get to the beach you will have to take one of several ferries that serve the island. Once you arrive in the beautiful bay, you will find the beach to the south of the pier.

Visitors will find such niceties as showers, picnic areas, public restrooms and food vendors. Activities at the beach include bike trails, walking trails, skating, surfing and volleyball. If you do not have a bike or skates, don’t worry, there are rentals available. If you have an urge to try something different, consider taking surfing or hang gliding lessons. Another great thing about this beach is that it is the only one in L.A where you can have an open bonfire.

It is also where Arnold Schwarzenegger pumped up at the famous outdoor gyms on the beach. You never know who you will see at Venice beach or who they will ultimately become. While you are there, be sure to look at the famous canals as well. The canals were originally modeled after the canals in Venice Italy and were designed for transportation.

Are you interested in chess. Whether the answer is yes or no you should check out the Chess Park. The park features public chess tables and even has a human sized chessboard on the sidewalk. It is worth a look.

The beach towns to the north of LAX are both older and more varied in character. Venice and Marina del Rey both offer a range of beachfront homes similar to what you find in South Bay including piers, wide, white beaches, and plenty of sun. But Marina del Rey is also the largest small boat marina on the west coast and is home to several major new high-rise residences.

While you are at the Coliseum, it would be well worth your while to walk over to the California Science Center in Exposition Park. It is a great educational learning experience for both adults and children. The Sports Arena is in that general area. Also, within walking distance in that area are several museums that you might be interested in going through.

No trip to Los Angeles would be complete without visiting its theme parks and excellent museums. The Universal Studios is without doubt one of the biggest attractions of Los Angeles. On board of a tram, you can cross for one hour the huge site of 170 hectares and visit the film set in operation before spending the rest of the day enjoying the many rides and themed entertainment.

If you are more an introspective person then the western end of Leo Carrillo state beach is the calm spot for you. This beach is at the border of Ventura County and because it is narrow its best for exploring on your own or if it’s your first time then with a ranger would be best. There are camp grounds at the back of the beach and brave surfers are known to visit this beach as well.

Approach Girls

Approach girls in a way that attracts their interest, approach in a way that tells them that your a confident Alpha Male – and watch the incredible response. Girls are attracted to important dominant men, so when your approaching a girl remember that your body language must show her this.

Lets take a closer look at what will attract girls. Many men will say you have to great looking for a woman to become attracted to you. Others will say that you have to drive a Ferrari or vacation all over the world. And whilst these things certainly help – they don’t even start to match up to high status. And this can come from far more than just money or a pretty face!

So once you approach women for the first time, you’ll need to Open with something. Then you’ll need to transition into a normal conversation where you will then begin to attract her. This is where you’ll need to demonstrate higher value (DHV). Because this is the key to get girls attracted to you.

Now lets just back track to first approaching a woman. Whatever you do, don’t walk across an entire room to approach some hot girl on the other side. You need to make it look spontaneous – so be casual.

Stand at the bar, when a cute girl comes up to your side to get a drink turn towards her. (Don’t ever wait more then 3 seconds to do this or you’ll lose the spontaneous element which is key). And ask her for her opinion on something. This is called an Opener. Which is just a fancy name for starting a conversation with a a girl we don’t know.

You see, when you approach girls you’ll need to say something in order for you to get talking to her. So we like to get a girls opinion on something because they tend to be pretty highly opinionated. And so this makes talking to girls you don’t know really easy!

You could ask, ‘Hi, your a girl so you might be able to shed some light on this situation. I’ve got this friend and we’ve known each other for basically ever. She’s really nice and everything but I think that she now likes me in another way. She’s getting quite flirty with me and I just don’t think about her in that way. Do you think that I should ask her stop or is it best to just ignore her?

I’m telling you now that a girl would love to give you her 2 cents on that one. She could be talking for the next 5 minutes but it’s best to actually change the subject as early on as possible. Otherwise it gets harder the longer you wait.

So you’ll need to transition and begin talking to her about something else. An easy way to do this is to pick up on something that she mentions and fluidly change the topic to something related to that. If she mentions a night club you’ve been to, you could say something like, ‘Yeah thats great I went there just the other night, how often do you go?’.

At this point you would be wise to cover may topics, this way you will develop wide rapport. This will speed up the Attraction Phase which comes up next.

Okay so now you’ve learn how to approach a woman, what an opener is and how to use them, as well as how to transition from opening a girl to talking to her about other stuff.

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