Escorted Tours That Could Take In Many of the 50 United States of America

The UK has long been fascinated with the USA and the people that live over the Atlantic Ocean from us, the American influence on our own culture is often seen whether it is in movies and music or cuisine many people will be interested in visiting the source of these aspects of daily life and want to visit the country themselves. And a big country it is as well, many will have areas they want to visit such as New York City, Miami, Los Angeles and Las Vegas but to get a fuller appreciation of the American way of life you’ll need to dig a little deeper.

Combining a number of destinations into your holiday could prove difficult, especially as you’ll have to arrange transportation and accommodation ahead of time taking many months of careful planning. Instead you could opt for an escorted tour of the land of the free and go on an escorted tour of North America either focussing on a particular region such as the East Coast or West coast or perhaps you’ve had your fill of cities and towns and want to experience the great outdoors, if it is in the United States of America then there’s a strong chance there is an escorted tour to cater to your wants from an American holiday.

One of the most popular North American escorted tours has been exploring the west coast states including trips to ‘fog town’ San Francisco, ‘the glitter bowl’ in Hollywood and Los Angeles and ‘Sin city’ Las Vegas. There are many escorted tours that combine these three destinations and have proven popular with UK tourists mostly because it best exhibits the outrageous lifestyles and experiences that you simply won’t find anywhere else in the world.

The east coast with the nation’s capital Washington DC, New England and of course New York are often grouped together as they can give you a totally different American experience too. Whether you want to see the White House or indulge in some retail therapy in New York this trip could also include a trip up north to Niagara Falls for something natural and truly breathtaking.

For those looking to see all of these experiences at once there are even tours that span a longer time period where you get to spend time on both coasts and enjoy everything that north America has to offer, so if you want to visit North America but want to get a fuller experience then an escorted tour could be just the ticket!

Luxury escorted tours to the USA are a great way to explore and enjoy the huge country, specialist North America Escorted Tours could help you get the most from your holiday and provide lasting memories.

Property in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is the sixth largest city in the Indian state of Haryana. Gurgaon is the industrial and financial center of Haryana. According to a survey by Business Today magazine, Gurgaon is considered the best city in India to work and live in.

Gurgaon is also the only Indian city to have successfully distributed electricity connections to all its households. However, because of its heavy vehicular traffic and inefficient public transportation apart from the Delhi Metro, Gurgaon ranks 11 amongst Indian cities on the “Life after Work” index of Business Today. Gurgaon has the 3rd highest per capita income in India after Chandigarh and Mumbai.

Gurgaon being located in the NCR, has always been the target of real estate investors. In the post liberalization period many Indian cities like Gurgaon witnessed industrial and corporate growth, eventually leading to development of vast acres of land and property construction. Since the city has now turned out to be one of the leading corporate hubs of India, the Gurgaon real estate has eventually emerged in the form of a prominent industry.

The internet would be a good source to gather information on Gurgaon property updates. Through proper research you would get a rough idea of the property rates that are prevalent in the city.

Residential property in gurgaon fall mainly under two segments. In the first place, it is the segment which houses corporate clients and other upper class clientele. The residential property in this segment is not cheap. The luxury flats, deluxe apartments, condominiums, villas, etc. with five star amenities come in this class and they cost excessively higher than their counterparts of the same dimensions in the segment which houses the middle class. A demographic analysis has revealed that nearly 70% of the citizenry live in average middle class residences and in that category the property price is comparatively cheap.

To buy property in Gurgaon, you are advised to be responsible enough to know in detail the significance and the entire process of property transaction.
The market sectors such as the financial institutions, pharma and manufacturing companies have contributed largely to the revival in the market demand of commercials. The growth in the IT/ ITES sector has been slow even in 2010 and still in the phase of recovery.

The created job opportunities after the recession directly impact the demand for commercial property in Gurgaon adding to the current boom in the real estate of Gurgaon. Moreover, the rising demand for commercial property is augmenting the demand for residential properties in the real estate market to a great extent. Visit at –


Thanksgiving Brigade Success ? VIP Realty Platinum

Dallas, Texas – VIP Realty Platinum, and DFW Real Estate Broker Harry Ridge, had a super successful Second Annual Thanksgiving Brigade Charity Event even in the midst of the Great Recession!  He and his team of volunteers put together 42 care packages for the unfortunate homeless in Dallas, a 100% increase over last year.  On Thanksgiving eve they provided two meals and care packages full of personal items like socks, gloves, nail clippers, flash lights, lotion, toothbrushes, etc. to desperate, homeless people.  They understand the challenges many people are facing in the Great Recession and wanted to step up and help where they could.  To meet the volunteers and see a slide show presentation go to their website.

Several people and corporate sponsors donated money to purchase food and personal care items.  They came together to collect these items, prepare the meals and put together the care packages.  Soon after they loaded three vehicles will care packages and went into the streets of Dallas to areas where the homeless are known to congregates with their final destination a well know Dallas homeless shelter where they found dozens and dozens of the homeless sleeping on the sidewalks around the shelter, the shelter being full.

Ridge stated “Our experience in the streets of Dallas and the homeless shelter will not soon be forgotten.  The sites and feeling we experienced will leave a lasting impression on all of us”. He goes on to say “I firmly believe they believe that we should give of our time, knowledge, labor and money to those that need it to most.  We should step up when many others step back or step out”.  If the first law or life is giving and it is, we are all need to take care of ourselves we will so we will be able to take care of others.  I am one that hopes that VIP Thanksgiving Brigade will continue to grow in leaps and bounds.