Sunny San Diego

And, why not? Such popularity and fame as a tourist destination and important international business center only furthers the city’s sought-after status.No matter whether you plan a long vacation in the city or visit it on a business trip, San Diego offers satisfying experiences in both limited time and extended stays. Determining what things to do and what to see among the San Diego’s vast and varied attractions can prove to be quite overwhelming. This is probably the reason why the city excites everybody, including family vacationers, savvy young couples, budget travelers, students and elderly people. Vibrant and dynamic, fascinating and vivacious, the city appeals to nearly everyone, those that have deep pockets and those that don’t. Talking of low-cost holidays in San Diego, there’s a long list of free fun things to do out here as well as many no-admission charge places to go to. What could be a better way to experience extreme excitement in a low cost way than by going to the city’s beaches? Beckoning every water and nature lover, calling all adventure-seekers and simple-pleasure cravers, San Diego’s miles long coastlines makes for a fantastic place to soak up some sun and mirth galore.Thoroughly inviting and terribly beautiful, the pristine beaches along with its sparkling waters, golden sands, cool sea-breeze and turquoise blue firmament make for an ambience that is totally relaxing as well as refreshing. And, not to forget the various thrilling activities that you can indulge in, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, paragliding, deep-sea fishing, kayaking, jet-skiing, windsurfing and leisure boat rides. Catering to a wide variety of palate comes easily to the city, and the same holds true when it comes to finding a lodging. You can opt to stay in a luxurious accommodation or book yourself a room in a cheap hotel, rent an apartment for the entire length of your stay or get a bed and breakfast, choices are many, it all depends on your requirement and taste.

Success Through Service

I learned at a young age, that to serve is to be king. The reason why, is because, the man who serves the most people, is rewarded with more money from more people for his services. A job is just that. You serve one person who serves many people. This is the reason why most people’s bosses are more successful than they are.

To serve is to spot, and create more opportunity’s to help people with what ever they may need for there lives or business. Success depends on how many people you can sale, or serve your product or services too successfully. Successful sales people grow to become the richest people. This is because they only get paid by how many people they serve. There income is uncapped, so the more people they sell to the more money they make. On the other hand the man who works for a man who serves many people only gets paid a fix rate for what he does.

To give you a better idea, here’s an example. If a man paints seven people’s houses, one for everyday of the week, and he makes one hundred per job, then he made one hundred dollars from seven people, that’s seven hundred dollars. The person who is his employee only makes ten percent, or ten dollars for every one hundred his boss makes, so the boss ends up making six hundred thirty, (minus materials) and the helper only makes seventy dollars out of the seven hundred, because he only serves his boss, instead of serving every one with his services.

Service is also about trust. You have to be there for the people you serve before, during, and after a sale. You will need to have faith, truly believe that your product and services are superior, and will solve your customers concerns, issues, and challenges. Living a life of service is what god intended for us all to do. The more you give to people the more you get from people. So get out there and start serving.

Breville Juice Fountain Elite

Health enthusiasts and nutrition gurus get ready, because the Breville Juice Fountain Elite is about to take juicing to an entirely new level. Never before has a juicer had the power or performance to juice an entire 8 oz glass of apple juice, using whole apples, in 5 seconds. That’s right, 5 seconds! An infinitely improved version of the traditional juicing machine, the Breville Juice Fountain Elite is the perfect companion to a healthy diet of fruit and vegetable juices.

This professional grade juicer combines power and innovation in one appliance. It is an extremely easy and efficient way to optimize the health changing juices that are found in nature. The juice extractor boasts a 1000 watt, high speed motor that has the capacity to spin at 13 000 RPM. All the while Italian made, stainless steel blades first grind and slice, conical knives grate, and the minute particles are forced through a micro mesh filter, resulting in a maximum yield of energy boosting fruit and vegetable juice. The motor is dual speed, ensuring that softer fruits and vegetables do not get pulverized, but that denser food is properly taken care of. Whole portions can be fed through a 3″ diameter feed chute, minimizing prep time. The body and components are constructed from the highest grade aluminum and zinc and is completely die cast, adding durability it long list of beneficial characteristics.

All the components of the Juice Fountain Elite are easily washed by hand, or more conveniently on the top rack in the dishwasher, minus the base. Complete with a 1 liter juice jug, froth separator and easy clean brush for scrubbing food clean, Breville provides all the tools necessary to start juicing, with the exception of the groceries of course. Measuring in at 9″Wx16″Hx16″L this appliance fits nicely on any countertop. Not to mention the fact that it is easy on the eyes with its industrial appearance.

Breville is a world renowned appliance company known for its innovative and efficient kitchen aids. The combinations are endless with the Juice Fountain Elite, because it is capable of every task demanded of it. Juicing is a healthy and cost effective way of getting vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables, the Breville Juice Fountain Elite is the most effective machine for this purpose.