Independent Floors

With the advancement of time, we all have changed our way of thinking. Earlier, most of us used to lead a simple living. But, now we all dream of leading a luxurious lifestyle in our own dream home. Along with leading a luxurious lifestyle, we also wish to lead an independent living. But, such houses are very expensive and it’s not easy for all of us to afford. That’s why, the real estate developers have introduced independent floors that are being offered at affordable rates and are equally capable in fulfilling our dream of having an independent home.
The independent floors are being made available as apartments. These apartments can be made as a multistorey structure or a G+2 or a G+3 structure. Each floor of such apartments has only one apartment build on it, which may range from 2 to 4 bhk of room plans. The independent floors have now become as the most preferred option of many people who wish to lead a high standard of living along with their privacy. This is so, because these are being made fully capable in providing us all the comforts and luxuries of living. These floors are being offered with all the basic amenities of living such as round the clock water supply, power back up and tight security all around. The interiors are being given an attractive look. Luxurious amenities of living such as swimming pool, spa, etc. are also being offered with these floors. As the whole floor will belong to you, you can enjoy more privacy of living over there. The independent floors are available at almost all parts of India, such as Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, etc. The independent floors are being offered at really affordable prices that start from Rs. 40 to 50 lacs onwards, which is very affordable as compared to the villas and bungalows.
The introduction of independent floors of Ireo Victory Valley Gurgaon is being regarded as a great invention by the real estate inventors. Many happy families are leading a luxurious and independent living in their own dream home. This has become possible only with the introduction of these great independent floors.

The New Law Is Implemented For The Economic Escort Supreme Glory Of The Fire

In recent years, with the major international economic and urban construction, Financial , Trade and shipping center, the large shopping malls, logistics, warehousing enterprises in urban, suburban rapid development of the scale, function and structure more complex. However, such large-scale logistics, warehousing an enterprise Fire How to organize after the evacuation, to reduce casualties, how to control the spread of the fire, reduce fire losses, a time when new Fire Law The implementation of enterprises around the world, held jointly with the fire brigade, fire fighting and rescue combat Exercise , Designed to test the outcome of military training and enhanced awareness of fire safety in enterprises, improve emergency evacuation and fire unit employees ability to escape. Case 1:4

on at 8:20 on the 29th, a mistake throwing cigarette butts in Tianjin, the third floor of J06 seats Buynow caused smoke alarm, fire control center Attendant Zhang received the automatic alarm system alarm immediately notify the third floor with walkie-talkies patrol Security Quick to identify. Paul arrived at the third floor of the sea An Gaozhi place to confirm the fire alarm is the case, immediately pick up walkie-talkie: “Report of Fire Control Centre, J06 seat fire!” And press the manual alarm. Subsequently, the fire control center commander issued an order: Call Now 119 Police, emergency broadcasting evacuation notice, according to the division of labor in each group to their respective positions, to control the fire, evacuate the floor of the customer. 8:55, after 35 minutes of fighting, the fire was extinguished firefighters. Case 2:4

month at 2:00 p.m. on the the 29th overall, Distribution Service (Shanghai) Co., the second reservoir module electrical short circuit due to the lower shelf caught fire, the fire quickly spread to the surrounding and the upper direction, the smoke rapidly around proliferation, the situation is very critical. Result in the unit without disposal of the emergency moment, Fengxian detachment Bong Town, South Bridge, ocean, Thailand and Japan, spark and other squadrons and 9 combat theater command vehicles, 90 officers and men come to the party. The correct command in the detachment under the command of combat forces evacuation rescue efforts, and through special rescue equipment, a variety of Rescue tools Active organization officers and men within the attack in depth, formed by fire headquarters, the tactical level of in-depth manner, the main aspects of the crisis in the controlled state of curb. Fire officers and men after 20 minutes of struggling to put out the fire was successfully extinguished, the maximum protection of the people’s property.

In the new law implemented, fire brigade, held the regional characteristics can be combined with modern shopping malls, logistics, warehousing fire escape fire emergency evacuation drill is necessary to have important guiding significance for actual combat. To further improve the fire safety work, should do the following:

First, enterprises must carefully study the essence of the Fire Services Act, from the ideological awareness, deeply understood the importance of fire prevention and the need to continuously enhance the self-awareness of prevention, to further enhance the unit self-defense self-help knowledge workers and crisis emergency evacuation in case of escape ability. Leaders at all levels should fully understand the current fire prevention in the importance and necessity of good organizations at all levels to meet the new law’s implementation on May 1, to strengthen fire prevention publicity, and so formed “joint management” of the situation;

Second, to further expand the social aspects of the fire the fire publicity campaign to make deep lasting fire, especially to migrant workers, urban village vision of the accumulation of officers into the propaganda. For fire prevention, to strengthen the implementation, we should work to the letter;

Third, fire fighting and rescue units to further consolidate the basis of actual combat, and constantly enhance emergency crisis management capacity. Participation in fire prevention, there is pride and responsibility. Fire officers and men down to earth, work, work hard at their respective posts for the fire to create a good environment to work for economic and social development and progress escort, this is one of the duties of fire, more fire people one thing.

Buy & Sell DLF Park Place and DLF Belaire

DLF is re launching in Gurgaon Park Place and Belaire by way of guaranteed possession in 18 months. Eye-catching price, really nice investment, erection previously half way during, gorgeous timely payment discounts.

The DLF builder is a leader of real estate construction in New Delhi based in whole India. The DLF cluster has roofed 289 million sq. ft. of available development and 615 million sq. ft. of projected operations. DLF is devoted to excellence, dominance, confidence and customer feeling, and carry on promises with flexibility and monetary caution. In September 2006 DLF was the purely property firm at the heart of the 60 businesses entitled Superbrands of India under the real estate rank.

The heart business usually has been completed up of 3 major partitions; residential, commercial and retail. To these DLF has adjoined 3 extra divisions; hotels, infrastructure and SEZs.

DLF Park Place in Gurgaon property, DLF group at hands Park Place positioned in DLF City, Phase V, in shut nearness to DLF Golf Links. It is an area among one of the handpicked expansions by DLF. DLF Park Place attributes an unfasten-layout by means of constructions being positioned in a mode that there is no missing and most of the apartments take pleasure in the visions of prearranged landscaping. DLF Park Place proposes a picking of 3 bed rooms with servant room and 4 bed rooms with servant room entirely air-conditioned apartments and arrives operational through an entirely fixed modular kitchen with various ultra modern amenities such as Swimming Pool, Kid’s Play vicinity, Gymnasium, Sports Facility and so on.

Type———-Size (Sq. ft)———-Price (INR)











The DLF Belaire also presented by DLF groups in the fields of Gurgaon real estate, recommends 3 and 4 bedroom plus servant room accommodation in centrally air-conditioned apartments with comfortable specifications as well as Jacuzzi, Modular Kitchen, and so forth. It is positioned in an ideal location by means of good connectivity on together sides of the complex.

The DLF Belaire in form of type and size are not away from the budget of the investors. The price of 4 bhk apartment in DLF The Belaire is at about to 2975 sq ft