Discover the USA and Canada on an Escorted Tour

Both Canada and the United States have so much to offer the curious traveler. Taking the time to travel to some of the most beautiful areas in both the U.S. and Canada is well worth it as you will experience sights and sounds you have only seen in the movies.

One of the best ways to see the U.S. and Canada is by taking an escorted tour. These tours take all of the hassle and headache out of traveling because all of the arrangements are made for you starting from your trip to the airport, to the places you’ll visit and the restaurants you will be dining in. Your hotel accommodations are also booked for you and accompanying you on the US and Canada tours is a very experienced tour guide who has spent a considerable amount of time in the regions you will visit.

There are some really great Alaska tours available. Imagine traveling with a group of other vacationers and a very friendly and knowledgeable tour guide as you enjoy the breathtaking Alaskan scenery and explore hidden away villages populated by native Eskimos. Exploring the capital city of Juneau is always an option on Alaska tours as is riding the rails through mountains to take in the abundant wildlife and nature this largely untamed state features.

If you have yet to explore the many national parks in the United States consider one of the many national parks tours available. Exploring the heart of Yellowstone and then going on to stay in a lodge near the Grand Canyon would make for a wonderful experience that would give you a lifetime of memories to share with family and friends. Getting to know the Navajo lifestyle in and around Monument Valley will give you an entirely new perspective of American Indians – their beliefs and culture that you have only read about. Escorted national parks tours are the ideal way to see those places off the beaten trail. Your guide will book tables in lovely local restaurants where you can enjoy some of the finest home cooking available anywhere in America. Visiting a group of four or five of the United States’ most breathtaking national parks on one great tour will allow you to discover a world of beauty like no other place on earth.

Escorted Canada tours take you to the largest cities in the country as well as to resorts in the Rockies. Explore Lake Louise, Calgary, Victoria and Vancouver on a western Canada tour. How does exploring Quebec by rail sound? This type of tour is also available as a part of many Canada tours on offer today.

Escorted tours are highly convenient. Guides are often natives of the regions visited, meaning that they know the area well and can share with you things you could never discover on your own. These people have rich backgrounds that connect them to cultures and societies around the world. All of your needs will be attended to and you will not have to worry about missing some important landmarks or hassle with finding a hotel room. Everything is handled for you  on a guided tour so all that you need to do is relax and enjoy the many sights, sounds and experiences.

Apple Ipad Protector, Ipad’s Escort

Apple Ipad Protector, Ipad’s Escort

Apple ipad protector is an essential accessory. Apple ipad protector includes many kinds of apple accessories like ipad case, screen protector. Apple Screen protectors are protecting the iPad from scratches and damage without interfering with Apple’s sleek industrial design. When I decided to purchase an iPad, I already had three accessories in mind: a screen protector, and an iPad Case cover. Of these must have accessories for the iPad, the iPad Case ranked number one as the most important iPad accessory that I absolutely had to own.

I read lots of reviews about Apple iPad protector, but none of them mentioned how slim the Apple iPad Case is in person. The packaging for the iPad Case is about as thin as a pack of photo-gloss print paper and I had to do a double take to make sure that I wasn’t buying the wrong accessory for my iPad.
After getting home and unboxing the iPad Case cover accessory, I was initially unimpressed, until I applied the iPad Case to my iPad. The iPad Case is made of soft microfibers with reinforced panels to add protective support for the Apple iPad without adding extra weight to the overall design. Sliding my iPad into the iPad Case accessory was fairly simple and painless and the iPad fit snugly and securely into the case which provided extra protective support.
The iPad Case serves as more than an Apple ipad protector for the iPad and folds horizontally and vertically with a flap on the back to make for a great iPad stand; allowing the iPad to lay down on a slant, sit the \ upright horizontally or horizontally. For easier access, the iPad Case also has holes for volume control, a headphone jack, dock connector, speakers, and the on/off button. Particularly, ipad leather case really does good job for protecting Apple ipad.

ZAGG now offers the invisible SHIELD premium screen/full body Apple iPad protector made out of military grade patented material.


ZAGG’s invisible SHIELD is pre-cut to fit the iPad perfectly out of the same material used to protect the leading edge of helicopter blades traveling hundreds of miles per hour. After a simple application process, the iPad is fully protected by what ZAGG claims is an invisible, invincible, self-healing urethane plastic.

Topons, an online marketplace supplier from China manufacturer wholesale and retail fashion series and electric products including the relatively equipped accessories like Apple ipad protector. Comparing with the other online supplier, topons indeed takes advantage over price and quality. It won’t waste much time for logging on Topons and registration.

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The Comic City – Brussels

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium. It has grown from a fortress town founded in 10th century to a metropolis of over 1.8 million inhabitants which makes it the largest in Belgium.


After the Second World War, the city became the centre of international politics as it is home to the European Commission and to the Council of ministers of the European Union (EU) as well as the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). On the other hand, this is a city with two official languages, namely Dutch and French. However, during the 19th and 20th century, the city has become increasingly French-speaking. As a result, the majority of its inhabitants today are native French speakers.


Brussels is not only famous for its political status, but for its unique comic strip route which makes the seemingly boring city more lively and intriguing. Therefore, Brussels is also called the Comic City.


For many years Brussels has been the capital city of comics which has come up with a vast amount of comic creativity. From the worldwide well-known icons such as Herge’s Tintin and Peyo’s Smurfs to today’s unprecedented amount of modern comic characters, according to legendary comic writer and organizer of the annual Comics Fest Alain de Kuyssche, one thing remains the same: “Every one of them gets their start in Brussels.”


The comic culture stemmed from the World War II when people who were suffering the war turned to escapism for help and thus the magic comic strip became their ideal choice. Even after the war, the early readers started to create their own characters and when it came to 1960s, there was a big demand for comics.


The reason why a small country like Belgium could achieve such a profound influence on the international comics may result from the development of television cartoons. At that time, it was hard to find a TV which was not showing a Smurfs cartoon.


After the golden age of comic culture in Brussels, today it is experiencing its renaissance which is why the Comic Fest starts.


The unique comic strip route established at first by the Belgian Comic Strip Centre is made up of thirty murals located on buildings and walls scattered across the city. Each mural is depicting a Belgian comic character within a unique Brussels’ scene.


The route began with the statue of Manneken Pis which is a naked boy who has become a famous icon. To date, this little boy has gotten more than 600 pieces of clothes which are presented by political heads from different nations who come to visit the King of Belgium.


Besides the mural displaying, there are museums and festivals for its comic culture in Brussels.


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