The Comic City – Brussels

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium. It has grown from a fortress town founded in 10th century to a metropolis of over 1.8 million inhabitants which makes it the largest in Belgium.


After the Second World War, the city became the centre of international politics as it is home to the European Commission and to the Council of ministers of the European Union (EU) as well as the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). On the other hand, this is a city with two official languages, namely Dutch and French. However, during the 19th and 20th century, the city has become increasingly French-speaking. As a result, the majority of its inhabitants today are native French speakers.


Brussels is not only famous for its political status, but for its unique comic strip route which makes the seemingly boring city more lively and intriguing. Therefore, Brussels is also called the Comic City.


For many years Brussels has been the capital city of comics which has come up with a vast amount of comic creativity. From the worldwide well-known icons such as Herge’s Tintin and Peyo’s Smurfs to today’s unprecedented amount of modern comic characters, according to legendary comic writer and organizer of the annual Comics Fest Alain de Kuyssche, one thing remains the same: “Every one of them gets their start in Brussels.”


The comic culture stemmed from the World War II when people who were suffering the war turned to escapism for help and thus the magic comic strip became their ideal choice. Even after the war, the early readers started to create their own characters and when it came to 1960s, there was a big demand for comics.


The reason why a small country like Belgium could achieve such a profound influence on the international comics may result from the development of television cartoons. At that time, it was hard to find a TV which was not showing a Smurfs cartoon.


After the golden age of comic culture in Brussels, today it is experiencing its renaissance which is why the Comic Fest starts.


The unique comic strip route established at first by the Belgian Comic Strip Centre is made up of thirty murals located on buildings and walls scattered across the city. Each mural is depicting a Belgian comic character within a unique Brussels’ scene.


The route began with the statue of Manneken Pis which is a naked boy who has become a famous icon. To date, this little boy has gotten more than 600 pieces of clothes which are presented by political heads from different nations who come to visit the King of Belgium.


Besides the mural displaying, there are museums and festivals for its comic culture in Brussels.


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Brussels Griffon – Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Brussels Griffon

Do you want to know more about your new puppy? For information about dog training, here’s your guide for training your new puppy.

The Brussels Griffon, with a disposition as that of a terrier, is known for the human-like facial expression. This breed of toy dog weighs 8-10 pounds, and stands 7-8 inches in height.


The Brussels Griffin has two different types of coats. The most common is the rough coat, with wiry coarse hair that needs brushing at least twice in a week to keep matting at a minimum. The smooth coat is somewhat glossy with flat hair, and lies close to the body from the head to the tail. Their coat colors are red, black or black and tan, with no specific color being more notable than the other.


The Brussels Griffon doesn’t require intensive exercise as their little build allows them to exercise even when indoors. They love going for daily walks and roaming outside, but not prime candidates for extremely-distanced walks or runs.


Lively, courageous, and entertaining, the Brussels Griffon is a breed that is full of self-confidence. They are spunky and naughty dogs that are known to be very bouncy. They are generally great with other pets, including dogs, and other older children if they are involved with training. This breed loves to bark, and are climbers for some. Some are known to be picky eaters, and difficult to housebreak. This breed is a comical family companion, but can be spoiled and moody, though.


The Brussels Griffon is a cheerful breed that makes a great companion dog. This breed is great with other pets, such as cats and smaller animals, but does best with older children. Curious and sensitive, this breed is demanding but gives lots of love and affection to family members.


Having two different types of coat, this breed’s grooming depends on their coat variety. The rough coat of the Brussels Griffon should be brushed twice or thrice a week, with professional stripping and shaping four times in a year, unless the dog’s fur is clipped. The smooth coat type is easy to care for. Occasional brushing is needed to remove dead hair is all they need.  


The Brussels Griffon is a sensitive little dog, making training a huge sensitive issue. As terriers, they want nothing more but to please their trainers, but can be stubborn at times. Harsh techniques or heavy-handed methods are counterproductive for this breed. Obedience training is relatively easy, since this can be a chance to bond with the owner. Housebreaking is proven to be relatively difficult for this breed, although not impossible. Flexible schedule and removing items such as expensive furniture until your Brussels Griffon is fully mature is highly recommended.

Courses that offer alternative training methods are best for Brussels Griffon and their owners. Gentle training tactics are advised for this breed such as treats, clickers, praise, and the conventional patience, and perseverance.


The Brussels Griffon is cheerful, friendly, but moody and picky at times. They are barkers and definitely love doing so, making them excellent alarm dogs. Smart and lively, this breed does best with obedience courses as puppies. To ensure an evenly-tempered and polite dog, they should be disciplined early on.

Crowne Plaza Brussels

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Looking after delegates outside the meeting room

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