Factors Determining Independent Immigration to Canada

People are always looking for change for in lifestyle, surroundings, job etc. And in search of this change, we are often attracted towards moving to countries that give us greater opportunities to better our lives, money situation and increase our spending power. Countries like Australia, USA, New Zealand and Canada provide ample opportunities to migrate and own citizenship of that country as well as provide you with opportunities that will give you a better lifestyle.

Canada is such a country that is open to legal immigrants and is a popular destination among those who are looking to migrate to another country from the country that they are born in. Canada is much favourable with its ample land area of 9,900,000 km2 and with a population of almost 96 million residents. The government is stable, the society is democratic and its industrial and agricultural background makes it the seventh advanced nation in the world. This gives a lot of opportunities to individuals who have immigration to Canada on their minds.

The independent Immigrant system is based on the point system, where one can check as well as needs to fulfill the required number of points to legally migrate to the country of Canada.  From 2003 the required points have been reduced from 75 to 67. And if you’re a resident of the UK your points reduce by 67 points.  The reduction of points was done to attract skilled workers to the country. The category of Independent Immigration System is one of the most popular categories that people opt for when wanting to migrate to Canada. The Government of Canada tried to implement the reduction of points in 2002 itself since, its main intention being that there were already 10,000 immigrant cases that were pending. If a person fulfills atleast 67 points they can definitely establish themselves in Canada.

There are certain factors that are point based;

1.  Education has a maximum of 25 points, if a person has obtained a PhD or a Master’s degree or even has 17 years of either a full time or its equivalent and it carries all 25 marks. The least points is 12 and is applicable if one has completed only a one year diploma, apprenticeship or trade certificate in Trade and has a minimum of 12 years or equivalent of it in study.

2.  The second factor is ones ability to fulfill the English and French Language ability and has a maximum score of 24 points if you are fluent in both the languages. One can get 16 points if they know the main official language and 8 points if they know the second language.

3.  The third factor is the working experience and one can gain a maximum of 21 points. The main qualifications are that one needs to have a minimum of 1 year of full time work experience in 10 years as a manager, skilled occupation or any other well known profession.

4.  The Age factor carries 10 points and is applicable if you’re between 21-49.

5.  Arranged employment carries 10 points e.g. if one is offered a job by the HRDC (Human Resources Development Canada).

6.  Adaptability is 10 points, where your accompanying partner e.g. spouse, in-laws etc fulfills certain levels of education, have been educated in Canada, if they have worked, have extended family or arranged employment in the country.

Independent Floors

With the advancement of time, we all have changed our way of thinking. Earlier, most of us used to lead a simple living. But, now we all dream of leading a luxurious lifestyle in our own dream home. Along with leading a luxurious lifestyle, we also wish to lead an independent living. But, such houses are very expensive and it’s not easy for all of us to afford. That’s why, the real estate developers have introduced independent floors that are being offered at affordable rates and are equally capable in fulfilling our dream of having an independent home.
The independent floors are being made available as apartments. These apartments can be made as a multistorey structure or a G+2 or a G+3 structure. Each floor of such apartments has only one apartment build on it, which may range from 2 to 4 bhk of room plans. The independent floors have now become as the most preferred option of many people who wish to lead a high standard of living along with their privacy. This is so, because these are being made fully capable in providing us all the comforts and luxuries of living. These floors are being offered with all the basic amenities of living such as round the clock water supply, power back up and tight security all around. The interiors are being given an attractive look. Luxurious amenities of living such as swimming pool, spa, etc. are also being offered with these floors. As the whole floor will belong to you, you can enjoy more privacy of living over there. The independent floors are available at almost all parts of India, such as Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, etc. The independent floors are being offered at really affordable prices that start from Rs. 40 to 50 lacs onwards, which is very affordable as compared to the villas and bungalows.
The introduction of independent floors of Ireo Victory Valley Gurgaon is being regarded as a great invention by the real estate inventors. Many happy families are leading a luxurious and independent living in their own dream home. This has become possible only with the introduction of these great independent floors.

Employee Vs Independent Contractor

If I had to identify the single most important decision a business must make regarding how an individual is to be paid for the services he or she provides it would be classification of the individual as an employee or as an independent contractor.

Improperly classifying employees as independent contractors can create serious long-term liabilities for a business. If an individual that the business treated as an independent contractor is later determined to have been an employee by the IRS or the state of Florida, the employer can be held responsible for the payroll taxes that should have been withheld from the individual along with the employer taxes that would have been due, and the penalties for failure to pay these taxes.

Many new businesses look to reduce their costs by using independent contractors rather than employees to perform vital services. By using independent contractors they save on payroll taxes, workers compensation insurance, and employee benefits. Properly used independent contractors can save a business money, but be careful, just because you call someone an independent contractor does not mean they are one.

In general, an independent contractor is an individual who is in business for him or herself and maintains independence from the business he or she is performing the service for, whereas an employee works for and performs services under the control of the business receiving the service.

The IRS and the state of Florida base worker classification on “common-law” factors designed to gauge the amount of control the business has the right to exercise over the worker. Two frequently cited factors of an employee-employer relationship are that the business is maintaining the right to discharge the worker at will and / or the business is providing the worker tools and a place to work. By comparison, individuals who are truly independent contractors generally provide their own tools and work place, they have business licenses, and are engaged to complete specific projects and cannot be terminated without cause from a specific project. There are no hard-and-fast rules as to who is an employee and who is an independent contractor. All possible factors pertaining to the business’s control and the worker’s autonomy must be taken into account.

As you can see, there is no easy answer as to when an individual qualifies as an independent contractor. There is however no penalty or liability for misclassifying independent contractors as employees. As a general rule when in doubt the safest classification may be to choose employee.