Monitor Your Teen?s Mac

So you have a teenager… with a Mac. Then you will want to learn the facts about how to monitor a Mac computer. There’s a website called Mac Monitoring that offers reviews, articles and tips on how to pick the best software for your monitoring needs. It’s an interactive website that allows parents to ask questions or leave comments. It’s a place to find good information that will help you monitor your teens Mac.

Some parents don’t realize that if they have a Windows based computer they can still remotely monitor their teenager’s Macintosh computer. There is even software that will allow you to connect to your teen’s Mac LIVE – so you can see the activities while they are being performed.

Mac Monitoring software is like having a surveillance camera aimed directly at their monitor. You see their emails, both sides of chats and instant messages; you can see what keywords they search for and what websites they visit. You can tell which applications they use and for how long. With today’s technology it is very easy to install onto the machine you want to monitor, once installed there are a variety of ways to view the tracking logs. It depends on which software you decide on. There’s AceSpy Mac which allows you to view the logs directly from the monitored machine or to have the reports sent directly to your email. This software is a one-time purchase and then you own the software. There is also SniperSpy Mac a remote monitoring software, that once installed allows you to view the tracking logs with any device that has internet access. That means you can check the monitored Mac from your Windows computer, another Mac or even a Smartphone. It’s very versatile. You pay a subscription to view the tracking logs, it’s kind of a pay as you go service. Many different options are available for today’s parents.

So go to the Mac Monitoring website created and maintained by Retina-X Studios, LLC a company who has specialized in computer monitoring software for over 13 years. Get the facts today!


Escort headlights – enjoy the latest technology

The story of Ford Escort makes interesting reading of ups and downs in the decade of 1980s. The car debuted in the early 1980s but it faced a lukewarm reception in the market. But its fortunes took a turn and subsequently it became one of the top selling cars in mid 1980s. By the end of 1980s it became a very respectable car and was highly appreciated as a little economy car. Along with its fortunes its body styles also underwent changes. In 1981 it started as a two-door hatchback and also as a four-door wagon. In the mid-80s a four-door hatchback and a sporty GT version were also added which were welcomed in the market. In 2000 the wagon version was dropped and subsequently sedan was also dropped and only the sport coupe remained. During its tenure the car was known for its good build quality, reliability, fuel economy, and the riding comfort. In 2002 it was replaced by another car in the Ford family.

A man or woman needs some garments, jewelry etc. as adornment items, similarly a car too needs some adornments. Some of the various accessories also serve as items of adornment besides performing their normal functions. Headlights are one of the most prominent features of a car. They never fail to attract attention. Even a child is fascinated by the headlights of a toy car. So their designers treat headlights as an item of adornment and come up with their innovative designs. Escort headlights are also available in a variety of designs and you can even customize your car by a proper selection of the design.

However, it has to be kept in mind that headlights contribute to safety on the road in a major way. Like other headlights Escort headlights are in fact a safety feature. When it is dark at night or visibility is poor for any reason you cannot move without their help. Brighter headlights are more useful as they can cover a longer area on the road. Moreover, there are reflectors and lenses in the headlight assembly which can be manipulated by the driver to cast the beam of light in the right areas. You can see more about Escort headlights at


Teen Angst

Teenagers possess the unique ability to blow things in their lives dramatically out of proportion. More often than not, the slightest hiccup in their plans can trigger a stage five meltdown and it is exactly this kind of high drama that has lead to the creation and extreme success of teen drama television shows. Not only do teenagers love drama, older generations even get a kick watching teenagers wage through their early life struggles, especially those involving budding sexuality and peer pressure. Television magnifies the drama tenfold with its plots and no matter how ridiculous some shows become, audiences keep coming back for more. Satellite tv can bring viewers whatever teen drama they desire right into their living room.

Over the years there have been plenty of teen drama television series, but some were far more popular than others. The first spot on the list of the top five teen drama series is “Beverly Hills 90210”. The original version ran from 1990 to 2000 and was so hugely popular it has inspired a modern reincarnation that falls flat of the original. Though its plots were often over the top, viewers tuned in religiously to catch all of the drama of these beautiful, wealthy teens. The second show on the list is “The O.C.”. Following a similar premise and setting as “90210”, the show focused on the interactions between a rebellious kid from the wrong side of the tracks as he is thrown in with the most privileged and sheltered kids possible. Sports have nothing on a good old fashioned rich kid versus poor kid battle.

The third position is occupied by “Dawson’s Creek”. This show took a completely different approach to the teen drama in that it removed the wealth and glamour surrounding the kids. The show was set in a small town and revealed the intensely complicated relationships that can result when everyone knows one another’s name. The show also gave birth to quite a few successful careers for actors Katie Holmes, James Van Der Beek, Michelle Williams, and Joshua Jackson. Fourth on the list is “One Tree Hill”. This teen drama also takes place in a small town, following the trials and tribulations of a group of friends and how their lives and relationships change after high school. Satellite tv brings the best in teen drama everywhere.