Most of the people keep on visiting Gurgaon as leisure travelers or for some other purposes such as business. These people search for an accommodation where they can stay comfortably under their budget. The real estate market of Ireo Victory Valley Gurgaon offers a wide range of such budget stays options. These budget stays options are being offered in the forms of guest houses, lodge, affordable hotels, etc. All these options are being highly demanded over there. The guest houses of Gurgaon are being offered with lots of facilities with them. These facilities include bed, TV, fridge, geysers, etc. The guest houses of Gurgaon are said to be the most affordable means to stay over there. Another such affordable option is a lodge. A lodge is also fully capable in providing you a comfortable stay. The lodges are the cheapest means to have a comfortable stay at Gurgaon. A lot of affordable hotels have been introduced by the real estate market of Gurgaon. These hotels provide you all the facilities other then the luxurious facilities, as these are affordable in their rentals. All these three options provide you good services such as good meal service as per your demand, laundry services, room cleaning services, etc. Apart from these services, some luxurious guest houses also provide services such as pick and drop service by cabs. These budget stays are being offered as simple and luxurious. People prefer to go for these budget stays rather than choosing a hotel for their stay. These options are fully capable in providing us all the facilities and services similar to that of a hotel. The only difference is that these options provide all these facilities and services with affordability in price. Hotels in Gurgaon are very expensive. Now even the businessmen also prefer to go for staying at a luxurious guest house rather than choosing a hotel. These budget stays of Gurgaon are giving a tough challenge to the hotels over there. These budget stays have become as the first choice to stay over there by every class of people.