European costume

European costume – for the slender small male. The main feature of the choice of this style is a slender physique and a slight increase. Such suits are usually single-breasted, two buttons with a low neckline and severe crying. Jacket without cutting, emphasizes harmony and how to increase your height. He also includes a smooth pants with a slightly raised edge. If you are very thin, do not get the skin-tight costume. Take the suit, which adds a little fullness.

When you try on, the suit pay attention not only on style, but also to such basic rules as these:

In a buttoned jacket does not have ridge on the chest. On the back there should be no folds or stiff. Sleeves should be the desired length. The correct length jacket should end just below the buttocks. Trousers – sit tight and not ridge. They must hide the socks and shin when you sit.

Color suit. It depends on many factors, among which is an important event to which you are buying a suit. Black is the most classic and grand. This color is appropriate for any celebration and the official event. He still makes your figure more slender and toned. The best option – a black suit with a white or light gray shirt.

Gray-colored suits are universal in the sense that it combines all the colors. For example, for men with light skin and blond hair, a good combination – a gray suit and a turquoise shirt.

Dark blue color is not an aging classics! White shirt, black shoes with laces – and you irresistible! This color is appropriate at any time and for any event.

Costumes beige, brown and other bright colors are more informal. Therefore, they should be in a more informal setting.

White – the traditional wedding! Combined with shirts of bright colors. The main thing is the intersection with the color of the bride.

For everyday wear sweater is an alternative to a jacket. Also there is a wardrobe at least every day. They are: two pairs of jeans and two pairs of simple trousers. Several pairs of shirts and t-shirts. Couple of sweaters and pullovers. Two pairs of shoes, belt. The main thing is the combination of colors in everyday clothes. The colors that suit you, depend only on the color of your skin, hair and eyes. Correctly choosing the color of casual wear, primarily guided by the fact that not look like a traffic light, and that the choice of colors should be combined with all the items of your wardrobe.

So how to choose the right styleof clothes for men? Now the question you become more clear. Major trends in the choice of clothes and will tomorrow and a year later and after 10 years!