How To Use Elite Keylogger Software

If you are business owners or employers and wish to have a software that can assist you in managing your staff, then Elite Keylogger may be that you are seeking for. This software with an easy-to-use interface and 7-day trial is certainly capable of monitoring your PC activity. The surveillance keylogger makes it easy to monitor and record exactly what employees are looking at on the Internet. This software can also be used at home for parents who want to monitor their children’s Internet activity. The software has multiple integrated recording modules that can monitor Internet surfing history, instant messaging, email messages, passwords, clipboard desktop activity and much more.


When users first install Elite Keylogger, they will have to select from two options: invisibility or visibility. Users will also need to make up a password. The interface makes it easy to navigate through the software modules and features. At the top of the window, users will find a plethora of buttons which lead to different options; viewing logs, customizing filters and exporting files.


The application can easily produce visible and clear snapshots for the user to view. These snapshots also includes the date and time of a certain activity. One of the best features about the software is that it does not require a lot of clicking or surfing to look through different computer activities. Instead, users can check activity with a simple click of the mouse. The main publisher is Widestep Security Software and the release of the software was on January 04,2010. The software works with a variety of operating systems such as; Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista and Windows 2000.


The file size for the software is 5.97 MB. There is a 7 day trial for those who want to test the software out, however, the main price for purchasing the application is an estimated $ 70. The publishers offer two versions of the software including ‘Handy Keylogger 4.0″ and the free version. On April 30,2010, they released an updated version of their software called Elite Keylogger 4.7. The 4.6 version was created for those who have Windows 7.


Because of the intrusive make-up of the software, it is often used by online criminals who are looking to steal identities and personal information such as bank account information, social security numbers and much more. Most of the time, the victim may find their computer running slower along with pop-ups and infected files. If you are concerned that your computer might have a hidden keylogger installed then scan your system with a reputable antispyware designed for detecting keylogger programs.



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