National Service

Here is one anniversary that seems to have been missed.
It’s been 50 years (or thereabouts) that National Service came to an end. Much to the relief of many 18 year old lad, and the deferred 21 year old as well.

How different it all was then. The British Isles were pre-multiracial, and it would have been hard to spot anyone who was not a white British person. It was still only 13 years after the World War 2 had ended, and the Government were wary of any further conflicts. So during those past 13 years, they had introduced National Service. But the end was in sight.

All male persons aged 18 years old, provided they were fit for military service, were by law conscripted into either the Army, Royal Navy or Royal Air Force. Those serving apprenticeships or studying up to the age of 21 years were exempt till these were completed. Then they too had to go.

Well that’s about the outline of what was happening 50 years ago. Most schools at this time had Cadet activities after school hours, Army, Navy and Air Force Cadets, was an activity enjoyed by many. Lots of marching and drills, and visits to different camps to do what the “real” soldiers, sailors and airmen did. A ride in a tank or on a boat, and some lucky Air cadets were to fly in aircraft, and take gliding lessons at the Air Force Camps. We all got to fire live ammunition from rifles and machine guns under strict supervision. So all the training was worth it.

As a cadet we were probably around 14 – 16 years old, and with all the semi military training around the country at this time, and in most schools, I can never remember any one getting murdered like there is today and almost every day.

No, we were not all goody goodies, there were fights, but nearly always one on one, and never a fight to the death.

There was a pride in the country at this time, and although many would run to avoid the “call up” and others once called up, would not enjoy the forced discipline of real life in the forces, It was a great leveler. The poor, the middle classes, and the upper classes and the just plain rich boys would be moulded together into a team, the discipline was strict, and the playing was hard, but as time went on, we became competitive with other teams and fought fiercely to win any tournament. Gradually the general feeling was one of great camaraderie. Class, backgrounds and wealth disappeared, we were a Military fighting machine.

Many would enjoy the life and became regulars. But others would do the 2 years, and leave to continue careers, all the better for the experience.

I was lucky to be in this last group of call ups, and I stayed an extra year to do 3 years in the Royal Air Force. My time was done in a time of peace, and I was not involved in any action that the brave military personnel are facing today. That may have been a different story.

I just thought that there are many of you out there, may never have even heard of a time when everyone was conscripted. With every boy at school, possibly being a cadet, we were all mentally prepared to go into the forces, learning extreme discipline, tough combat, using deadly machinery and weapons. With all this knowledge, it was seldom if ever used on our streets. It was safe to walk out at night, our neighbours lived side by side peacefully, with no marauding gangs creating havoc.

How sad this deterioration can take place in such a once peaceful law-abiding country, in so short a time. All lost to one word – Respect.

It is not until I look back at my early life, that I realise I was so lucky to have lived through this era. I don’t think I would like to be a born in this age.
Today is not the England of my youth.

Self Service CRM

No one wants to wait for anything anymore. It’s a busy time during the work day and anyone wasting your time wanting to provide you with value added services to a purchase you met may not always find you in the mood to talk to them. Uncalled for contact from CRM teams can actually have the reverse effect from the one desired. So instead of the customer being happy to be pampered you might have an irate and frustrated person to deal with. We all remember those calls that interrupt up bang in the middle of an important meeting, don’t we?

Self Service may have a Function beyond Restaurants.

That Customer Relationship Management is important is beyond debate, the debate is on what is the best way to provide the most efficient CRM to the customer base of a given company. A new concept of Customer Relationship Management is called Self Service CRM. In this the customer is provided with tools on the internet to make his own choices and get the support that he truly needs. This saves the companies from having to second guess what services are valued and how they should approach the customer. Not to mention tons of money spent in calling people who do not wish to take your calls. Thus all you have to look after is web contact management. The customer does the rest.

Getting the Trial on road is Essential before you Commit to a Major Change.

In web based CRM the Customer Service and Support functions get automated to a phenomenal degree. All that the company has to do is make sure that the website is maintained properly and that no bugs are in the system. Web based contact management software can be bought readymade off the net. For any small business which is just beginning to dabble in the CRM online concept, this would be a good way to check how compatible a practise it is with their business needs. Or you can have customized software designed specifically for the needs of your business. Any firm handling general CRM software should be able to handle the request for non generic and customized software. This is what the larger businesses tend to do all the time.

What can the Customer do in Self Service CRM?

There are a number of things that you can put forth to the customer using automated software. Any common problems faced can be handled by FAQs. And if possible you can have online CRM teams available to chat with customers who actually need help and are calling in. The company can declare campaigns on the website and those who are interested will fill in forms and give you sales leads. You can also offer discounts on parallel sales to existing customers which are non intrusive and may just get you better sales figures. The possibilities are endless. It is just a matter of finding out what works well with your customer base and then offering it to them in such a way that they can help themselves whenever they want to.

Success Through Service

I learned at a young age, that to serve is to be king. The reason why, is because, the man who serves the most people, is rewarded with more money from more people for his services. A job is just that. You serve one person who serves many people. This is the reason why most people’s bosses are more successful than they are.

To serve is to spot, and create more opportunity’s to help people with what ever they may need for there lives or business. Success depends on how many people you can sale, or serve your product or services too successfully. Successful sales people grow to become the richest people. This is because they only get paid by how many people they serve. There income is uncapped, so the more people they sell to the more money they make. On the other hand the man who works for a man who serves many people only gets paid a fix rate for what he does.

To give you a better idea, here’s an example. If a man paints seven people’s houses, one for everyday of the week, and he makes one hundred per job, then he made one hundred dollars from seven people, that’s seven hundred dollars. The person who is his employee only makes ten percent, or ten dollars for every one hundred his boss makes, so the boss ends up making six hundred thirty, (minus materials) and the helper only makes seventy dollars out of the seven hundred, because he only serves his boss, instead of serving every one with his services.

Service is also about trust. You have to be there for the people you serve before, during, and after a sale. You will need to have faith, truly believe that your product and services are superior, and will solve your customers concerns, issues, and challenges. Living a life of service is what god intended for us all to do. The more you give to people the more you get from people. So get out there and start serving.