Success Through Service

I learned at a young age, that to serve is to be king. The reason why, is because, the man who serves the most people, is rewarded with more money from more people for his services. A job is just that. You serve one person who serves many people. This is the reason why most people’s bosses are more successful than they are.

To serve is to spot, and create more opportunity’s to help people with what ever they may need for there lives or business. Success depends on how many people you can sale, or serve your product or services too successfully. Successful sales people grow to become the richest people. This is because they only get paid by how many people they serve. There income is uncapped, so the more people they sell to the more money they make. On the other hand the man who works for a man who serves many people only gets paid a fix rate for what he does.

To give you a better idea, here’s an example. If a man paints seven people’s houses, one for everyday of the week, and he makes one hundred per job, then he made one hundred dollars from seven people, that’s seven hundred dollars. The person who is his employee only makes ten percent, or ten dollars for every one hundred his boss makes, so the boss ends up making six hundred thirty, (minus materials) and the helper only makes seventy dollars out of the seven hundred, because he only serves his boss, instead of serving every one with his services.

Service is also about trust. You have to be there for the people you serve before, during, and after a sale. You will need to have faith, truly believe that your product and services are superior, and will solve your customers concerns, issues, and challenges. Living a life of service is what god intended for us all to do. The more you give to people the more you get from people. So get out there and start serving.

Thanksgiving Brigade Success ? VIP Realty Platinum

Dallas, Texas – VIP Realty Platinum, and DFW Real Estate Broker Harry Ridge, had a super successful Second Annual Thanksgiving Brigade Charity Event even in the midst of the Great Recession!  He and his team of volunteers put together 42 care packages for the unfortunate homeless in Dallas, a 100% increase over last year.  On Thanksgiving eve they provided two meals and care packages full of personal items like socks, gloves, nail clippers, flash lights, lotion, toothbrushes, etc. to desperate, homeless people.  They understand the challenges many people are facing in the Great Recession and wanted to step up and help where they could.  To meet the volunteers and see a slide show presentation go to their website.

Several people and corporate sponsors donated money to purchase food and personal care items.  They came together to collect these items, prepare the meals and put together the care packages.  Soon after they loaded three vehicles will care packages and went into the streets of Dallas to areas where the homeless are known to congregates with their final destination a well know Dallas homeless shelter where they found dozens and dozens of the homeless sleeping on the sidewalks around the shelter, the shelter being full.

Ridge stated “Our experience in the streets of Dallas and the homeless shelter will not soon be forgotten.  The sites and feeling we experienced will leave a lasting impression on all of us”. He goes on to say “I firmly believe they believe that we should give of our time, knowledge, labor and money to those that need it to most.  We should step up when many others step back or step out”.  If the first law or life is giving and it is, we are all need to take care of ourselves we will so we will be able to take care of others.  I am one that hopes that VIP Thanksgiving Brigade will continue to grow in leaps and bounds.